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piers simon appeal

Piers Simon Appeal is
a disaster relief charity
that delivers aid

In addition The
School in a Bag
has helped
over 30,000
Children go to
School to date.



Nov 2011: Pakistan Flooding - PSA donate to James Caan Foundation

The Piers Simon Appeal have donated funds to Pakistan to help the victims of the monumental flooding that affected over 20 million people this Autumn. On Tuesday 9th November £5,000 was sent to the James Caan Foundation (JCF) and their 'Build a Village' project.

The disaster prompted Dragon's Den James Caan to act and in early September he visited his homeland with a fund to see how best he could help. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the disaster affecting more people than the 2004 Asian tsunami, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, the Sichuan earthquake in China and the Haiti earthquake combined, James Caan knew he had to do more.

The Build a Village concept aims to build homes, schools and mosques as well as provide food, water, sanitation and aid provisions to improve the quality of the peoples lives. Following an October visit to Pakistan, Jan Lunda located 150km northwest of Islamabad with 1000 inhabitants was selected by the JCF as the first village to be rebuilt.

School in a Bag: The Piers Simon Appeal will also collaborate with the JCF to send PSA SchoolBags to Jan Lunda village. Details and progress will be posted soon.

donate to piers simon appeal