1:  Earthquake:  Yogyakarta, Java
May 26th 2006
PSA Funding: £40,000 to Quake Fund

On May 27th 2006 at 6:30am a Richter 6 Earthquake struck the Provinces of Jogyakarta and Central Java, on the Island of Java, Indonesia
Within minutes, nearly 6,000 people had died, as 350,000 houses were destroyed and a further 350, 000 were left damaged.
The vast majority of this damage occurred in the rural Districts of Klaten and Bantul, devastating over 5,000 small, often quite poor, rice growing villages

Although only limited damage occurred to infrastructure and the loss of life was proportionally low, the resultant damage to housing stock and livelihoods, made this earthquake one of the most damaging in global history
The low quality of brick constructions in poor subsistence communities, meant that per Richter scale, this is the third worst Earthquake ever

The need to rebuild at least 350,000 houses in Jogja, stands in striking contrast to the need for 120,000 in Post Tsunami Aceh
The total international contribution to date of $150million in Jogja also stands in stark contrast to the over $6billion donated to Aceh
To date the Indonesian Government has committed over 600million dollars for housing rehabilitation grants, providing families with a meagre grant of $1,500 towards the rebuilding of homes that were worth 5 to 10 times that figure
Although a well executed and quickly delivered program, (for which the government should be roundly congratulated), the clear limitation in funds has meant many have lost out .

PSA Funds paid for:

  1. The construction of semi permanent housing for disabled victims
  2. The construction of permanent brick housing for victims living in temporary bamboo structures
  3. The reconstruction and renovation of local mosques and community centres in the Bantul district
  4. Local farmers to buy cows which are shared on a rotation system providing meat, milk and organic fertilser


2:  Earthquake:  Java
October 2009
PSA Funding: £5,000 to Quake Fund

The earthquake that struck eastern Java didn’t make the International news but thanks to our contacts ay Quake Fund we could be kept fully briefed about the situation and the need.

The PSA funds were used to provide housing to those whose were damaged or demolished.

3:  Earthquake:  Padang, Sumatra
October 2009
PSA Funding: £15,000 to ShelterBox (32 ShelterBoxes)

The Indonesian island of Sumatra was struck by two earthquakes in less than 24 hours. The first earthquake caused buildings to collapse and fires to rage in the city of Padang.  A second earthquake then hit the island, causing further devastation. 
ShelterBox immediately deployed ShelterBoxes and ShelterBox Response Teams. As of October 4, there had been more than 600 confirmed deaths and close to 180,000 homes have been damaged.
ShelterBox were able to work with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the US Navy to deliver ShelterBoxes to remote regions where no aid had previously reached.
Text taken from ShelterBox website.

4:  Earthquake and Tsunami:  Mentawai Islands, Sumatra
October 2010
PSA Funding: £15,00 to Surf Aid International

On Monday 25th October at 9.42pm local time, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck just south of the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia sending a 2-3 metre (6-10 foot) tsunami into the southern island of Pagai Selatan. In places, the tsunami travelled more than 600m inland.

Statistics and casualty numbers as of Thursday 28th October 2010, according to local officials:
Death Mentawai islanders: 311
Missing Mentawai islanders: 379
Seriously injured islanders: 261
Slightly injured: 137
Villages destroyed: 13+

5:  Earthquake and Tsunami:  Merapi Volcano, Java
October 2010
PSA Funding: £15,00 to Surf Aid International

Since Tuesday 26th October, Mount Merapi on the island of Java, Indonesia has been spewing out clouds of searing ash. Merapi, Indonesia’s most volatile volcano, has erupted three times in the last two days and vulcanologists fear that the current pressure build up could cause the lava dome on the volcanoes crust to collapse, unleashing deadly gases and debris.

Statistics and casualty numbers as of Thursday 28th October:
Death toll: 28
Evacuated persons: 40,000

Luke Simon, Charity Liaison Officer at the Piers Simon Appeal, comments, “We are monitoring both disasters closely and have established contact with charities working on the ground in both locations.  Within the next few days we hope to get a clearer picture of how best the Piers Simon Appeal Response Fund can help.  The need to assist those working on the ground and the inhabitants affected is huge and we are calling on our donors and supporters to help us help the people of Indonesia.”