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piers simon appeal

Piers Simon Appeal is
a disaster relief charity
that delivers aid

In addition The
School in a Bag
has helped
over 30,000
Children go to
School to date.




PSA School Bags are designed to help poor, vulnerable, orphan and disaster -affected children throughout the world.

Its simple, each bag is filled with basic stationery equipment and resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all learn.



Following a disaster, a link is established with the community affected. Initial emails are exchanged to determine the severity of the event and the scale to which the Piers Simon Appeal can help.

Financial contributions are then made.


Headline: New PSA website due January 2012


LATEST /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

School in a Bag - SIAB

SIAB has been rebranded and has a new website.  Please visit:

Sierra Leone, Phase 2

Piers Simon School in Freetown, Sierra Leone

PSA SchoolBag Count:

Swaziland - 384 SchoolBags and 400 chart NZD to JPY teddies packed
Sierra Leone - 1550 - Distribution started October 29th
Kenya - 224 - En route
Sri Lanka - 160 for May 2011- Handed out

Indonesia - 160 for May 2011 - Arrived

Disaster Relief

Oct 2011: Turkey New Zealand Dollar US Dollar Earthquake - APPEAL

Mar 2011: Japan Earthquake/Tsunami - £3,600 raised

destined for 2 schools via Yokohama Int. School

Nov 2010: Indo Tsunami - PSA donate to SurfAid Int

Oct 2010: Pakistan Flooding
- PSA donate to James Caan Foundation

Oct 2010: Indonesia Mentawai
Earthquake/Tsunami - APPEAL

Oct 2010: Indonesia Volcano -
PSA donate to Quake Fund

Fundraisers - GET INVOLVED

1st PSA Day Ride - Sunday October 9th
CDP - Chilthorne Domer to Paris chart AUD/USD - £8,000